lunes, diciembre 18, 2006

Mejores discos internacionales de 2006

1- Cat power: The greatest
2- Tv on the radio: Return to cookie mountain
3- Micah P. Hinson and the opera circuit
4- Liars: Drums not dead
5- Belle and Sebastian: The life pursuit
6- Bonny "Prince" Billy: The letting go
7- Scott Walker: The drift
8- Artic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
9- Yo la tengo: I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass
10- Tom Waits: Orphans
11- Destroyer: Destroyer's rubies
12- Joanna Newson: Ys
13- Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped
14- Akron/Family: Meek Warrior
15- The knife: Silent shout
16- Neko Case: Fox confessor brings the flood
17- Hold Steady: Boys and Girls in America
18- Junior boys: so this is goodbye
19- Centro-Matic: Fort Recovery
20- Jarvis Cocker: Jarvis
21- Lo-fi-fnk: Boylife
22- Fujiya & Miyagi: Transparent things
23- Grizzly bear: Yellow house
24- Lambchop: Damaged
25- Lily Allen: Alright, still
26- Dominique A: L'Horizon
27- Television Personalities: My dark places
28- Girl Talk: Night Ripper
29- The decemberists: The crane wife
30- Flaming lips: At war with mystics

Mejores discos españoles de 2006

1- Sibyl Vane: Turismo de interior
2- 12twelve: L'univers
3- Señor Chinarro: El mundo según Sr. Chinarro
4- Christina Rosenvinge: Continental 62
5- Grupo de expertos Solynieve: Alegato meridional
6- Bunbury & Vegas: El tiempo de las cerezas
7- Standstill: Vivalaguerra
8- Josele Santiago: Garabatos
9- Tachenko: Las Jugadas Imposibles
10- Manta Ray: Torres de electricidad

Mejores discos argentinos de 2006

1- amoeba - tumba tu tumba
2- el mató a un policía motorizado - un millón de euros
3- the baseball furies - the four sided triangle
4- Fuerte Apache - Fuerte Apache
5- norma - rock 2 tonos
6- Estelares - sistema nervioso central
7- Natas - El Hombre Montaña
8- niño elefante - 1984
9- Gave Your Heart - Demo
10- Almafuerte - Toro y Pampa
10- las curvettes - shake it!

Fre seeker 2006 (Mexico)

Mejores discos internacionales
1. Tool – 10000 Days
2. Sonic Youth – rather ripped
3. Graham Coxon – Love Travels at Illegal Speeds
4. The Dears – Gang of Losers
5. Audioslave – Out of Exile
6. Muse – black holes and revelations
7. The Artic Monkeys – Whatever people says that am thats what i’m not
8. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Knives Don’t Have your back
9. Pearl Jam – pearl jam (aguacate)

Mejores disco mexicano
1. Eufemia - Compresor

Blog: Fre seeker 2006

Oriente es oriente (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1- Cat Power: The Greatest
2- The Raconteurs: Broken Boy Soldiers
3- Lily Allen: Alright, Still
4- Beanie Siegel: The B. Coming
5- Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped
6- El Perro del Mar: s/t
7- Regina Spektor: Begin To Hope
8- Tortoise & Oldham: The Brave & The Bold
9- Belle and Sebastian: The Life Pursuit
10- José González: Veneer

Mejor disco nacional
1- Christina Rosenvinge: Continental 62

Blog: Oriente es oriente

domingo, diciembre 17, 2006

Ibilbidearen amaiera-Final de trayecto (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1.- Junior Boys-Last exit
2.- Bonny "Prince" Billy-The letting go
3.- Yo la tengo-I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass
4.- Tom Waits-Orphans
5.- Lisa Germano-In the maybe world
6.- The Wedding Present-Search for paradise
7.- Sonic Youth-Rather Ripped
8.- Dominique A-L'Horizon
9.- Harlan T. Bobo-Too much love
10.- Neko Case- Fox confessor brings the flood
11.- Bob Dylan-Modern times
12.- Vetiver-to find me gone
13.- Television Personalities-at dark places
14.- TV on the radio-Return to the cookie mountain
15.- Scott Walker-The drift
16.- The Radio Dept.-The Grief
17.- Tortoise-A lazarus taxon
18.- Micah P. Hinson and the opera circuit
19.- Niobe-White hats
20.- The long winters-Putting the days to bed

Mejores discos españoles
1.-Sibyl Vane-Turismo interior
2.-Grupo de expertos Solynieve-Alegato meridional
3.-Polar-Surrounded by happiness
4.-Manta Ray-Torres de electricidad
5.-Ruper Ordorika-Memoriaren Mapan

Blog: Ibilbidearen amaiera

Raros y felices (Argentina)

Mejores discos internacionales
1.The Bycicles - the good, the bad anda the cudly
2.Mahogany - Connectivity!
3.Fleeting joys - despondent transponder
4.The Scourge of The Sea - Make me Armored
5.Joanna newson - ys
6.Akron Family - Week Warrior
7.The blow - Paper televsion
8.The Most Serene Republic - Phages
9.Bob Dylan - Modern times
10.Josef K - Entomology
11.Bonnie Prince Billy - The Letting Go
12.Adem - Love and Other Planets
13.Envelopes - Demon
14.Irene - apple bay
15.Built to Spill - You In Reverse

Mejores discos iberoamericanos
1. Caetano veloso - ce
2. Estelares - sistema nervioso central
3. Cansei de Ser Sexy - CSS
4. El Columpio Asesino - De mi sangre a tus cuchillas
5. El Mató a un policía motorizado - Un millón de euros
6. Myte y sus Linternas verdes - Antiterrorismo
7. Arnaldo Antunes - Qualquer
8. Javiera Mena - Esquemas Juveniles
9. Catpeople - Reel#1
10. Bunbury & Vegas - Tiempo de cerezas

Blogs: Raros y felices, Australia tiene MP3

La copa de Europa (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1. Joanna Newson "YS" Drag City / Pop Stock!
2. Fujiya & Miyagi "Transparent Things" K Industria
3. Grizzly Bear "Yellow House" Warp
4. Howe Gelb "Sno’ Angel like you" Thrill Jockey/ Green Ufos
5. Subtle "For Hero: For Fool" Lex/ Pias
6. Hot Chip "The Warning" DFA / Capitol
7. LCD Soundsystem "45:33" DFA/Itunes
8. Vetiver "To find me gone" Di Cristina/ Discmedi
9. The Evens "Get Evens" Dischord/ Green Ufos
10. Micah P. Hinson "… And the Opera Circuit" /Houston Party
11. Six Organs of Admittance "The Sun Awakens" Drag City/ Pop Stock!
12. Magnolia Electric Co "Fading Trails" Secretly Canadian/ Green Ufos
13. Destroyer "Rubies" Merge/Acuarela
14. Tapes n’ tapes "The Loon" XLRecordings/Pop Stock!
15. Bonnie "Prince" Billy "The Letting Go" Domino
16. Califone "Roots and Crowns" Thrill Jockey/Green Ufos
17. Dr. Dog "Easy Beat" Rough Trades/Sinnamon
18. The Radio Dept "Pet Grief" Labrador/Pop Stock!
19. Liars "Drums not dead" Mute/ Emi
20. Archie Bronson Outfit "Derdang Derdang" Domino
21. Centro-matic "Fort Recovery" Houston Party
22. Fiery Furnaces "Bittersweat Tea" Rough Trade/ Sinnamon
23. Helios "Eingya" Type/ Red
24. Casiotone for the painfully alone "Ettiquete" Tomlab/Houston Party
25. Johnny Cash "American V" Geffen
26. Junior Boys "So this is goodbye" Domino
27. The Decemberists "The Crane Wife" Capitol
28. Tunng "Comments of the inner chorus" Houston Party
29. Beirut "Gulag Orkestra" Ba Da Bing
30. Cat Power "The Greatest" Matador/ Pop Stock!

Mejores discos españoles
1. Ten Thousand Islands "Grey in the air" Foehn Records
2. 12Twelve "L’Univers" Acuarela
3. Les Aus "Haranna Hanne" Ozono Kids
4. Tarántula "Esperando a Ramón" Producciones Doradas
5. Sr. Chinarro "El mundo según" Mushroom Pillow
6. Grupo Salvaje "Aquí hay dragones" Acuarela
7. El Hijo "Canciones gringas" Acuarela
8. Single "Pio Pio" Elefant
9. Limousine "The Abyss You Can Reach With A Hand" Mushroom Pillow
10. Sybil Vane "Turismo de interior" B-Core

Blog: La copa de Europa

sábado, diciembre 16, 2006

Arte gusano digital (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1- Tom Waits "Orphans"
2.- Lambchop "Damaged"
3.- Dominique A "L'Horizon"
4.- Micah P Hinson "And The Opera Circuit"
5.- Herbert "Scale"
6.- Beth Orton "Comfort of Strangers"
7.- Centro-Matic "Fort Recovery"
8.- The Flaming Lips "At War With The Mystics"
9.- Yo La Tengo "Im Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass"
10.- Coldcut "Sound Mirrors"
11.- Cat Power "The Greatest"
12.- Sparklehorse "Dreamt For Light Years In the Belly of a Mountain"
13.- East River Pipe "What Are You On"
14.- Electric President "Electric President"
15.- Calexico "Garden Ruin"
16.- James Figurine "Mistake, Mistake, Mistake, Mistake"
17.- Mogwai "Mr Beast"
18.- The Roots "Game Theory"
19.- Artic Monkeys "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"
20.- Belle & Sebastian "The Life Pursuit"
21.- Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Show Your Bones"
22.- I'm From Barcelona "Let Me Introduce You To My Friends"
23.- Ed Harcourt "The Beautiful Lie"
24.- The Pipettes "We Are The Pipettes"
25.- The Kooks "Inside In/Inseide Out"
26.- Thom Yorke "The Eraser"
27.- The Album Leaf "Into The Blue Again"
28.- Appleseed Cast "Peregrine"
29.- My Latest Novel "Wolves"
30.- The Rapture "Pieces of the People We Love"

Mejores discos españoles
1.- Standstill "Vivalaguerra"
2.- 12Twelve "L'Univers"
3.- Sr Chinarro "El Mundo Según Sr Chinarro"
4.- Mendtez "Mendetz"
5.- Manta Ray "Torres de Electricidad"
6.- Maga "Maga"
7.- Delorean "Into The Plateau"
8.- Antònia Font "Batiscafo Katiuskas"
9.- CatPeople "Reel # 1"
10.- Fantasma #3 "Los Amores Ridículos"

Blog: Arte gusano digital

Closer (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1. scott walker - the drift
2. cansei de ser sexy - css
3. arctic monkeys - whatever people say i am...
4. jarvis cocker - jarvis
5. belle & sebastian - the life pursuit
6. the decemberists - the crane wife
7. cat power - the greatest
8. gnarls barkley - St. Elsewhere
9. isobell campbell & mark Lanegan - ballad of the broken seas
10. casiotone forthe painfully alone - ethiquette
11. yo la tengo - i will beat your ass
12. camera obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
13. kimya dawson - remember thati love you
14. lambchop - damaged
15. tom waits - orphans
16. lo-fi-fnk - boylfe
17. klaxons - gravity's rainbow
18. Bonde Do Role - “Melo do Tabaco EP”
19. girl talk - night ripper
20. liars - drum's not dead
21. the DFA: Remixes Chapter One
22. final fantasy - he poos clouds
23. beirut - gulag orkestar
24. mates of state - bring it back
25. calexico - garden ruin
26. flaming lips - at war with mystics
27. the pipettes - we are the pipettes
28. tylly & the wall - bottoms of barrels
29. bob dylan - modern times
30. peter bjorn & john - writer's block

Mejores discos españoles
1. astrud - algo cambio
2. single - pío pío
3. sybil vane - turismo de interior
4. christina rosenvinge - continental 62
5. el hijo - canciones gringas
6. delorean - into the plateau
7. mirafiori - no podemos volver a casa
8. bunbury & vegas - el tiempo de las cerezas
9. prin' la la - Los espíritus de Syd y Gospel
10. 12twelve - l'univers

Fotolog: Closer

Popstitutes (México)

Mejores discos internacionales
1. The Knife - Silent Shout
2. Kings Have Long Arms - I Rock-Eye Pop
3. Justice - Waters of Nazareth
4. Luke Haines - Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop
5. Lo Fi FNK - Boylife
6. Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
7. Liars - Drum's Not Dead
8. The Similou - So Hot Right Now
9. Melody Club - Scream
10. Luomo - Paper Tigers
11. Justin Timberlake - Future Sex/Love Sounds
12. Jarvis - Jarvis
13. Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's block
14. Hot Chip - The Warning
15. Planningtorock - Have It All
16. Ratatat - Classics
17. Mekon - Something Came Up
18. Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That
19. Ghostface - Fishscale
20. Lillix - Inside The Hollow

Blog: Popstitutes

La moqueta verde (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1. Neko Case "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood"
2. Yo la Tengo "I'm not afraid…"
3. Destroyer "Destroyer's Rubies"
4. Beirut "Gulag Orkestar"
5. I'm From Barcelona "Let me introduce you to my friends"
6. Built to Spill "You in Reverse"
7. Decembrists "My Crane Wife"
8. Bonnie Prince Billy "the letting go"
9. Belle and Sebastian "The Life Pursuit"
10 Flaming Lips "At war with the Mystics"
11 Cat Power "The Greatest"
12. Mates of State "Bring It Back"
13. Band of Horses "Everything all the time"
14. Arctic Monkeys "Whatever People Say I am, That's What I am not"
15. TV on the Radio "Return to Cookie Mountain"

Mejores discos españoles

1-Tachenko "Las Jugadas Imposibles"
2-12twelve "L'Univers"
3-Josele Santiago "Garabatos"
4-Grupo Salvaje "Aqui Hay Dragones"
5-Grupo de Expertos Solynieve "Alegato Meridional"

Blog: La moqueta verde

At home he is a tourist (EE.UU.)

Mejores discos internacionales
1-Hold Steady-Boys and Girls in America
2-Girl Talk-Night Ripper
3-So Many Dynamos- Flashlights
4-The Thermals- The Body, The Blood, The Machine
5-Man Man- Six Demon Bag
6-Oxford Collapse-Remember the Night Parties
7-Spank Rock- Yoyoyoyo
8-The Game- Doctor's Advocate
9-TV On The Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain
10-BOAT-Songs You Might Not Like

Menciones de honor (orden alfabético)
-Belle and sebastian- the life pursuit
-Blood Brothers- Young Machetes
-Destroyer- Destroyer's Rubies
-Ghostface Killah-Fishscale
-The Like young-Last Secrets
-Lil'Wayne- Dedication 2
-Joanna Newsom-YS
-Rahim-Ideal Lives
-Sunset Rubdown-Shut Up I am Dreaming
-Tapes 'n Tapes- The Loon

Blog: At home he is a tourist

Las cortinas caen (Argentina)

Mejores discos internacionales
1 Tragedy - Nerve Damage
2 Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack - Defeat Or Humiliate The United States Of America
3 Fucked Up - Hidden World
4 Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky
5 Envy - Insomniac Doze
6 Aussitot Mort - Demo
7 Madlib The Beat Kondukta - Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes
8 Liars - Drum's Not Dead
9 Scott Walker - The Drift
10 Akron Family - Meek Warrior
11 Mastodon - Blood Mountain
12 Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens
13 Rocky Votolato - Makers
14 Lion Of Judah - Universal Peace
15 Micah P. Hinson - Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit
16 Jay Z - Kingdom Come
17 Slayer - Christ Illusion
18 Funeral Diner - 3" Tour CD
19 Sunn o))) & Boris - Altar
20 Converge - No Heroes
21 fall of efrafa - owsla

Mejores discos argentinos
1 Fuerte Apache - Fuerte Apache
2 Amoeba - Tumba Tu Tumba
3 Natas - El Hombre Montaña
4 Gave Your Heart - Demo
5 Almafuerte - Toro y Pampa
6 Reconcile - Youngblood 1999

Blog, Fotolog y MySpace: Las cortinas caen, Angry nerd, Nrrrd

Acuarelacool (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1-Beyoncé: B-Day
2-India Arie: Testimony: Vol 1, Life & Relationship
3-Sky Edwards: Mind how you go
4-Scissors Sisters: Ta-Dah
5-Keane: Under The Iron Sea
6-Carl Cox: Global
7-Diana Krall: From this moment on
8-Corinne Bailey Rae: Corinne Bailey Rae
9-Richard Ashcroft: Keys to the World
10-The roots: Game theory

Blogs: Acuarelacool, Freakyantonias

Por qué amarillo (Argentina)

Mejores discos internacionales
1-liars - drums not dead
2-tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain
3-the knife - silent shout
4-the pipettes - we are the pipettes
5-love is all - nine times that same song
6-lo-fi-fnk - boylife
7-micah p. hinson - and the opera circuit
8-lily allen - alright, still
9-comets on fire - avatar
10-fujiya & miyagi - transparent things
11-the long blondes - someone to drive you home
12-belle and sebastian - the life pursuit
13-cat power - the greatest
14-danielson - ships
15-matthew herbert - scale
16-charlotte gainsbourg - 5:55
17-gothic archies - the tragic treasury - songs from a series of unfortunate events
18-jarvis cocker - jarvis
19-junior boys - so this is goodbye
20-mogwai - mr. beast
21-scott walker - the drift
22-isobel campbell & mark lanegan - ballad of broken seas

Mejores discos argentinos
1-the baseball furies - the four sided triangle
2-norma - rock 2 tonos
3-amoeba - tumba tu tumba
4-niño elefante - 1984
5-las curvettes - shake it!
6-el tío motorizado - viaje a donde te estrellas vol. 1
7-lucas martí - tu entregador
8-el mató a un policía motorizado - un millón de euros
9-prietto viaja al cosmos con mariano - lou fai home sessions vol. 1
10-go-neko! - go-neko!

Blog: Por qué amarillo

Perdiendo mi eje (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1. ROBERT POLLARD: From A Compound Eye
3. CENTRO-MATIC: Fort Recovery
4. BE YOUR OWN PET: Be Your Own Pet
6. FROG EYES: The Folded Palm
7. CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
8. SWAN LAKE: Beast Moans
9. TROY VON BALTHAZAR: Troy Von Balthazar
10. ARCTIC MONKEYS: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
11. EAST RIVER PIPE: What Are You On
12. BECK: The Information
13. THE ORGAN: Grab That Gun
14. NINA NASTASIA: On Leaving
15. LLOYD COLE: Antidepressant
16. ALIAS & TARSIER: Brookland Oaklyn
17. THE LONG BLONDES: Someone To Drive You Home
18. KIMYA DAWSON: Remember That I Love You
19. ELF POWER: Back To The Web
20. THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Show Your Bones
21. FRANK BLACK: Fast Man Raider Man
22. THE HOLD STEADY: Boys & Girls In America
23. TAPES N' TAPES: The Loon
24. BUILT TO SPILL: You In Reverse
26. MISSION OF BURMA: The Obliterati
28. THE VINES: Vision Valley
29. LISA GERMANO: In The Maybe World
30. JOSH RITTER: The Animal Years

Mejores discos españoles
1. SIBYL VANE: Turismo de interior
2. SEÑOR CHINARRO: El mundo según Sr. Chinarro
4. BUNBURY & VEGAS: El tiempo de las cerezas
5. MAGA: Maga
6. FANTASMA #3: Los amores ridículos
7. STANDSTILL: Vivalaguerra
8. TARÁNTULA: Esperando a Ramón
9. LUIS HITO/ VARIOS: De Benidorm a Benicássim

Blog: Perdiendo mi eje

Seré tu accidente (España)

Mejores discos internacionales
1-Tv on the radio: “Return to cookie mountain”
2-Akron/Family: “Meek Warrior”
3-Destroyer: “Rubies”
4-Scritti Politti: “White bread black beer”
5-Television Personalities: “My dark places”
6-Micah P. Hinson: “And the opera circuit”
7-Ali Farka Toure: “Savane”
8-Grizzly Bear: “Yellow house”
9-OOIOO: “Taiga”
10-M. Ward: “Post war”
11-Howe Gelb: “’Sno angel like you”
12-Scott Walker: “The drift”
13-Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: “The letting go”
14-VV.AA.: “A Tom Moulton mix”
15-VV.AA: “New York Noise 3”
16-Tom Waits: “Orphans”
17-Cat Power: “The greatest”
18-The Hold Steady: “Boys and girls in America”
19-Luomo: “Paper tigers”
20-Burial: “Burial”
21-Subtle: “For hero: For fool”
22-Psapp: “The only thing I ever wanted”
23-Bobby Bare jr.: “The longest meow”
24-Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra: “Boulevard De L'Independance”
25-Ellen Allien & Apparat: “Orchestra of bubbles”
26-Nekko Case: “Fox confessor brings the flood”
27-Kimya Dawson: “Remember that I love you”
28-Sufjan Stevens: “The avalanche”
29-Tortoise: “A Lazarus Taxon”
30-Joanna Newsom: “Ys”

Mejores discos españoles
1-Sr. Chinarro: "El mundo según"
2-Anari: "Zebra"
3-Syvil Vane: "Turismo de interior"
4-Josele Santiago: "Garabatos"
5-Grupo de expertos solynieve: "Alegato meridional"
6-El columpio asesino: "De mi sangre a tus cuchillas"
7-Bunbury & Vegas: "El tiempo de las cerezas"
8-12Twelve: "L'Universe"
9-Antonia Font: "Batiscafo katiuscas"
10-Tachenko: "Las jugadas imposibles"

Blog: Seré tu accidente si tú eres mi ambulancia